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  • Significantly improved comfort. TTC Urethane Cushion can be installed with the coil spring shock absorbers of motor vehicles reducing the contraction of shock absorber when the vehicles pass over the speed bumps, sharp curves or rugged roads with sunken or indented spots, as mounted at the space available in between spiral shape of spring frame.

  • Suitable for various car models.. Simple addition of shocking absorbing cushion allows safe driving of motor vehicles on rugged roads with variety of effect applicable taking advantage of function extending the life span of costly spring shock absorber from the moment of installing cushion..

  • Easy installation. 1-Raise vehicle with jack, so as to lift the wheel off the ground. 2-Spray with soap and water spring car cleaning mud and easier installation. 3-Moisten the surface of the buffers on both sides and install the buffer on the spring . Ideally, it is better to install the buffer in the middle of the spring. 4-Check if the buffer is well tightened and fully inserted between the coils of the spring, and then if need secure it with plastic clips. The plastic clips should not be tightly fastened.

  • Why become a distributor of urethane autobuffers? What are the 8 reasons to become a distributor? 1. Unique and high quality product! 2. 100 % satisfied customers - the effect is immediate and tangible! 3. Faultless product manufactured in brazil! 4. Versatility and simplicity of the product (suitable for almost all cars)! 5. Special distributor prices! 6. Minimum initial investment! 7. Provided marketing support! 8. Stocks of all sizes! 9. Prompt delivery!

  • High quality / High performance. We would like to present you the new Urethane Cushion Buffer, produced with the latest technology raw materials used in the Nike’s sport shoes and giving ultimate durability of the product and a perfect comfortable driving for many kilometers.

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