Urethane Cushion buffer is a product of nanotechnology for Improve driving.

Some Advantages:
1. Noise reduction cabin.
2. Fix annoying vibrations.
3. Increase the handling.
4. Increase the Life of suspension system.
5. Improve the effectiveness of the braking system.
6. Very simple self-installation in shortest possible time.
7. The lack of Tire rubbing.
8. Lack of driver and passenger fatigue on long trips.
9. Warranty three-year for the quality and authenticity of the product.
High quality / High performance.
We would like to present you the new Urethane Cushion Buffer, produced with the latest technology raw materials used in the Nike’s sport shoes and giving ultimate durability of the product and a perfect comfortable driving for many kilometers.

Why Become a Distributor

Why become a distributor of urethane autobuffers?
What are the 8 reasons to become a distributor?
1. Unique and high quality product!
2. 100 % satisfied customers - the effect is immediate and tangible!
3. Faultless product manufactured in brazil!
4. Versatility and simplicity of the product (suitable for almost all cars)!
5. Special distributor prices!
6. Minimum initial investment!
7. Provided marketing support!
8. Stocks of all sizes!
9. Prompt delivery!